Investing in Precious Metals with a Self-Directed IRA

When the market for traditional investments is unfavorable, many turn to alternative investments such as precious metals to diversify their retirement portfolios.

Throughout history, precious metals have been a sought-after commodity. Their value and rarity has served as a treasured asset for centuries. If you are looking to invest in a non-exchange traded asset for yourself, a client, or your organization, Auric Assets can assist you with all of your custodial needs.



Advantages of Investing in Precious Metals Through Your Self-Directed IRA

Investments are conducted swiftly. Precious metals are time-sensitive investments, so timing and pricing are everything. The buying and selling of precious metals can be implemented by us quickly so you can invest methodically.

Precious metal investments done through an IRA are afforded tax benefits. When you pay for precious metals with funds from an IRA, the tax benefits become applicable towards the investment.

Precious metal investments are hard assets. Their intrinsic value can be hedged against inflation. As often occurs, the value of precious metals increases as the value in stocks and bonds decline.

Taxes can be deferred. Precious metals can be purchased from an existing IRA without incurring penalties or taxes.


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Set up Your LLC:

Our expert partners will establish an LLC and required documents to get you started.  This LLC is used within a self-directed IRA, enabling you to manage purchases of gold and silver for private storage.


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Fund Your Account:

You can transfer funds from any existing IRA, 401k or other retirement account. Our IRA specialists prepare all the forms necessary and will facilitate the process with you.



Purchase your Gold:

Once funds arrive at your LLC's Bank Account, you can start placing orders of gold and silver.  These metals will be shipped to the location you prefer.


Types of Precious Metals You Can Purchase with a Self-Directed IRA



Precious Metals IRA

The Local Storage Gold IRA provides investors an option to hold their Gold & Silver metals privately. At Auric Assets we have simplified the process into 3 seamless steps. We will provide the full-service info you will need to take possession of your Gold IRA today.